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answered 2 asks.

i have to say... this may be one of the last changelog updates over here on meixins dot neocities dot org. i'm typing this now in the neocities code editor because i zipped up the local working file of my site... and am working on an overhaul!!!

  • most of it will look the same but with some aesthetic changes, and less stressful code on my end.
  • it will be hosted on vercel, and i'm in the process of reworking it with eleventy (which is why i've been quiet on here!)

i'll obviously update this with a link once it's at least A LITTLE up and running (i'm working on a homepage redesign), and with a link to my new rss feed too. until then, this site will remain in its current state. if you need an answer to anything, you can always reach me at the email linked in my contact page above! thank you, as always, for visiting my site and i hope you continue to visit it once it emerges from its cocoon ^__^

ah, and this isn't a site update, but it's going to be hard to update elsewhere so i am doing it here... i have a comic in an anthology about ace romance, which you can find here! check it out – any support (backing the kickstarter!!!!, or even sharing it) would be much appreciated! this is Baby's First Publication so i'm hoping it gets enough support to get produced. so exciting!!

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    • the whole thing is a whopping 20 pages. my god.
    • new pages start here on page 16.
    • i've also rounded up a "best of" of the triplets + beaks + my actual thoughtful tweets on its index page.
    • this was horrible to hand code. i will never do this again... i won't go through the trouble of re-coding it when i inevitably fix my site to work with 11ty...
  • small additions: scrapbook, gpoy, links.

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  • answered an ask about how i update my site.
  • uploaded part of my ducktales livetweet thread. seasons one and two!
    • season three will need more time, as it has more screenshots than s1&2 combined. eek!
  • i wrote a new diary entry about some sitely things! still figuring out a use case for this damn diary...

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managed to squeeze an update into my comic grind!!!

  • added to my book log.
  • added a note to my scrapbook.
  • can't tell if i should put the big things first or last... anyway! i made a big ol' oc/canon shrine for kieran von pokemon + my girl lina.
    • it's password-protected, as the rest of my oc/canons will be. if you want to get access, i suggest lurking around my homepage to find out how!
    • but if you're on mobile, i'll help you cheat.

the next updates should include my ducktales livetweet thread, mayyybe the completion of my everbloom files page (it's just SO much writing!), and a diary entry on future plans for this site (moving, etc). thank you as always for stopping by!

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  • big news: i've overhauled all of my links! i know, i'm sorry, very annoying, but all old links are now broken. (the good news is that i fixed nearly all links in each page, so within the site stuff should still be working!)
    • i just kind of thought the folders made the links really ugly, and proved to make things more tedious for me as well.
  • the changelog page has collapsed log entries that used the old links under a "details" element for tidiness.
  • in better news: i have a fun new page, with fun new subpages: artifacts!
  • i also answered two asks about miniso capybaras and a fun writing suggestion.
  • added a new entry to the well-behaved worm log.
  • you might notice a lot of my pages' fonts are switching to rubik. it's just easier to read... road to less headachey webpages

i hear that 123guestbook is going to shut down in a few months, so i'll have to find a new host for my humble guestbook. shame bc i loved the clean and simple 123guestbook url + interface... thank you to everyone who ever signed mine!!

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oh no!


  • well, it looks like the flavor profile and blorbo pages are back up!
    • flavor profile's got a redone look, and i moved the ships there too. blorbo page has had a bit of revision as well.
  • changed the font on the sitemap. i'm realizing my font size for most of my site is SO SMALL!!!!!

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  • surprise surprise. once again, i'm unhappy with the sketchbook, so i've taken it down – maybe just for now?
  • moved the scrapbook from the "library" category to "studio".
  • got rid of a few pages: flavor profile, blorbos, ships, the vault. they'll be back soon! i just want to rework them.
    • in the meantime, i've moved shrines to the main map.

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  • danny shrine: for whatever reason, i was motivated to try and wrangle the gallery of pictures and upload all my videos. so the shrine is complete!
    • i used melonking's gallery maker. it was easy to use after i trial-and-errored my galleries a few times! i just kept finding things i wanted to fix and having to redo, lol.
    • i think i would have a harder time using it for continually-updating galleries though, just bc i do a lot of post-generation editing.

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  • music: updated with april songs, and changed the css of the lyrics subpage a bit.
  • danny shrine: fixed the more page so the images are responsive on mobile.
  • fixed the mobile css for a couple of pages: gpoy, family... also made the mobile button on my front page more obvious.
also, sketchbook: some april art. i think i've figured out a way to make updating this page much less hellish – click to view.
  • update monthly rather than every time i draw anything new, so i can evaluate which drawings i'd like on here. i don't need Every drawing i've ever made on here!
  • use squidge to host images – i know it's not good practice, but it's easier for me.
  • add star emoji to any subpage and subcategory with new art.
  • have all subcategories (details) closed except for ones with new art in them. exception: subcategories with content warnings.
  • move subcategory with new art to the top of its subpage.
  • stuff i'm still figuring out: striking a balance between sorting by subject vs by month. then again, does chronological order matter on my site when my art folders are organized by month already? as long as i know when i made the work, that's fine.

thank you for visiting!!!

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  • new page: danny pudi shrine........ help... there are three subpages so far.
  • little housekeeping things, like rearranging the vault page links. really it's mostly the danny shrine.

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  • i updated my now page!
  • new page: clippings! just a hodgepodge of things. i've got a lot of these three-column pages, huh?
    • my collections page was also edited to include the above.
  • added an article (under "media") and logged movie
  • gpoy: added a couple more, lol

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  • books: updated my reading log and added a few english language webcomics.
  • gpoy: added a few new images of me lol
  • blorbos: added some ducks!
  • everything on the everbloom homepage should be mobile friendly now (EXCEPT for the host page, it's too crazy in there) but looks extremely weird on web, sorry.
    • also the font is unfortunately harder to read, i just noticed. curses!!!
    • i will probably be revamping the css of this page entirely at some point, since it was one of the first few pages i built and i've settled into a design sensibility i'm comfortable with since then!
    • if you snoop you MIGHT find a new page... but it's not ready yet so i'm not linking it here!!!
  • contact: i answered a question about cougar town.

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  • i tried very very hard for a bit to make my index page mobile friendly... but i fear my brain will break before i am able to do that. so instead, i made a mobile homepage
    • a link to it shows up on the index page if your screen is narrower than 1100px i believe.
    • one of these days i will revamp my whole homepage to be responsive from the get go, but today is not that day! (i mostly just don't want to draw a whole new set of graphics...)
  • updated my watch log.
  • answered a question about starkid.
  • added a blorbo.
  • added some misc media to the bottom of my pokemon games page. (guess it's not really a games page anymore?)

what is next on the agenda... danny pudi shrine (AARGGGHHH!!!!!), maybe a new page for the acnh shrine (i recently celebrated everbloom's 3rd anniversary last 4/7!), a blog post about a year on neocities? or maybe about how i keep track of/organize my pages, if that's fun for anyone?, and a theatre page, because why not just complete the library already.

thank you as always for stopping by meixins!

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  • new page up for books and things! :) i like the font – same one i used for the boy wall.
    • the library is shaping up nicely – i think i'll take a break before getting to the last main page of this folder (the theatre page).
  • added an anti-rec list to my shows & movies page, lol.

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  • i totally updated my about page!
    • okay not TOTALLY – but there's a lot of new stuff. get ready to know me like you never did before. (no one asked for this)
    • i just felt like my old one was kind of clunky, and weirdly arranged on mobile... i'm happier with this one!
    • i added a picrew section at the bottom to make up for getting rid of my existing profile picture drawing. you see enough of me in the sketchbook.
  • replied to an ask about my boy wall. (anon i love you.)
  • some minor things, like adding an extra tv show (forgot about miranda!) and some other things i've already forgotten.

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  • new page: boy wall!
    • a fun, easy page! i wanted to make it interactive, like a moodboard where you can move shit around and tried it but alas, javascript is still beyond me. another time!
  • answered a question about the status cafe widget.

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  • added some lists to my scrapbook.
  • fixed some links and added a couple new ones.
  • added to the AV page – seems i missed a lot of movies. the "misc" subpage is also Very much filled out now!

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  • wrote that diary entry i mentioned yesterday!
    • sorry that this is my only update...

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the last week or so has felt pretty busy! maybe i'll write a diary entry about it before the end of march :•)

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  • ta-da: the beginnings of pokemon shrine!
  • added two new blorbos. i started watching dungeon meshi and community.

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  • noticed i wrote the links wrong for the blogs on my links page, but i fixed it!
  • added a new video and commentary to my mume extra page – i can't believe i've never seen this video before??
  • new art on the sketchbook – lots of white day doodles for ships, self-ships, and ocs, plus a new comic!
    • updating this sketchbook is less tedious than it used to be, but still very tedious... but i do not like iframes or too many pages, so until i figure out a workaround, i will be powering through.
    • i think it will also be much better once some of these subject areas get their own dedicated pages!
  • added some new games to the misc section.

i've got a pokemon shrine in the works as we speak, but pages will probably come in installments as i work on them :•) thank you as always for stopping by my site!

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  • new well-behaved worm entry.
  • updated the extra page on my mume shrine, which completes the shrine!!!!! of course there will be more to add, but for now i'm quite happy with what's in it.
  • new art on the sketchbook – particularly under cupid, oops all dracs, misc ss, and personal. i'm still getting the hang of how i want to update this... hoping the stars are helpful?
  • also i added new blinkies on my about because why not.

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  • added some new pics to gpoy.
  • filled out the charas page on my mume shrine! there's also another page you can only access via that page, but i'm linking it here too.
  • added a few new links to the explore and resources pages.
  • february music. added new lyrics too... i have a new subpage up for playlists, but it's still empty.

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  • responded to an ask about my sketchbook.
  • added the writeups to my treasures.
  • added an entry to wbw.
  • filled out the about page for my mume shrine!

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  • whew, very hefty update... the sketchbook page is back up, and mobile friendly to boot!
    • i've got all the art i want up there so far - lots of sections will have their own pages with a more comprehensive art gallery, so what's up here is just. stuff
    • essentially the sketchbook is a dumping grounds, and stuff with their own page planned (acnh, fe3h, inserts, etc) may also get transferred over!
    • i'm implementing lazy loading and i hope it works...
  • responded to more asks!
  • added some links to more sites i like!
  • added an entry to wbw.

i'm more motivated now to work on my shrines, after going through my folders and seeing how much i've drawn about some of these things... i don't plan to put them all in my sketchbook (especially if they're old) so i gotta make those pages fast!

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  • responded to a new ask!
  • linked all uploaded comics to my for love page!
  • oh yeah, and more old comics:

i'd like to work on the mume & ac shrine soon, but shrines are so intimidating. i like things very organized, and my feelings about my obsessions are not so cut and dry. list pages like the blorbos / sonas are much easier, so maybe i'll work on an oc roster soon? ack, but i'd need to draw for that... i should first list all the ocs that don't have art yet... (a glimpse into the neurosis of mei)

realistically my next pages should be anything from this list: selfship gallery (maybe js?!) (this comprises most of my art these days), sketchbook revamp, mume page completion, or something else entirely.

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  • updated the well-behaved worm page with today's entry!
  • yet another diary post (hey, two days in a row?) about my recent trip, as promised. pictures included!
  • updated my toys page with some new little guys!
  • finally, finally tried figuring out the rarebit template so i can start uploading old comics that come in pages. these are old old - like pre-2020. i expect the pages to not look That nice (for now or forever, depending on how motivated i feel to polish them up), but at least the comics will be there.
    • that being said: 2019 V-day comic be upon ye!
    • 2019 dating apps mini zine be upon ye as well!
    • upcoming: oh so pretty, freshman year, and my discontinued high school comic. i've put them all together but just gotta write the author's notes before i upload them, because you know i love to talk.
      • everywhere a garden will not be joining these guys on my site though... it's just too big and too personal!
    • also must do: a) revive my sketchbook, for sillier, one-off comics, and b) have a more organized page for these substantial comics besides my did4love page. or maybe i'll just put them in a little list in my sketchbook... efficiency! 👍

thank you as always for stopping by, and have a great day!

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some stuff happened re: my program and it looks like i have a bit more free time than i thought! i still have some work to do, but here i am making updates.

  • first of all: happy one year to meixins on neocities! we celebrated its anniversary on the 11th. to anyone who has been to my site in the past year, thank you very much for visiting.
    • i'm not doing anything to celebrate though. i don't even know what i would do lol. nothing like "screenshots of my site at this time" or anything tedious like that, for sure... but suggestions welcome!
  • made a new page: well-behaved worm! this is going to be my behavior/bonding log for worm. i expect to update it pretty frequently, but will probably not update my changelog to minimize spam.
  • new diary post about my eras tour experience. general trip post to follow!

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i know i just said i was going on a break but i wanted to make some small edits LOL. my break is just forbidding me from making new pages but i can update stuff!!

  • replied to a second ask about re-animator!
  • added some new music for february so far!
  • edited my "various things" section (which is really just. a section for communication / community-type stuff online) on my about site to include guestbook/askbox. i also edited the rss bullet since i've got an atom feed for updates!
  • added lucifer to my blorbos page. i've also bumped kazuha down lol... sorry maple boy... you were a passing interest
  • edited the writeups for my rise sonas now that i've developed them a little... i want to have time to design oc pages already T__T

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  • replied to an ask about re-animator!
  • wrote a new diary entry, ft. pics of my friendship bracelets.
  • going on a half-break because i have been putting off some life stuff for Tew long and just need to hunker down for like a month before i can immerse myself in my site LOL. i'll still be on, but nothing super new for the next month!

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  • after 9 months i updated my now page, lol. i also left a link to the previous page.
  • added a few pics to my gpoy page.
  • added some links - blogs and buttonless sites.
  • january music so far!
  • moved rise donnie and leo up a rank each on my blorbos page. turtle disease!!!!

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  • updated my mume shrine with a filled-out page: the gallery!
  • i also made outlines for all the pages and gave them cute header photos.
  • i forgot to say in my last update that i wrote a diary entry on which of my blorbos i could pull lmfaooo. it was a fun thought exercise!
  • answered another ask about alcryst von fe engage.

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finally reformatted my changelog to look a bit better + be a bit more functional! you can now subscribe to it via atom feed, provided by

paste the URL below into your RSS/atom feed reader, and you should be good to go.
now, on to actual updates! here's some stuff from january 2024 so far:
  • updated my music page with songs from december.
  • answered two new questions about hazbin hotel and my comics. i'm pleasantly surprised that my makeshift askbox is useful!
  • made a new page: sonas! most stuff is filled out, except for lore on extremely new sonas. links to galleries don't work yet, but i'm excited to get on that soon.
  • moved my changelog from my about site page to its own page (this one) and gave it a feed, woohoo! also added info on the about site page about my preferences for linking up.

can you believe it's been almost a year? i started this site on 2/11/2023 and am still excited to work on it. thank you as always for checking mei's room out.

open the above if you want to see changes i made after 1/14/2024 but before 5/10/2024, which is when i overhauled all my links like a madman.

old changelog


  • filled up the sonas page fully, with some TBDs for extremely new sonas.
  • also answered another question! i'm pleasantly surprised that askbox is useful to people viewing my site (+ that my site is getting viewed at all lol).
  • updated my about site with some profile type information re: how i navigate the small web.
  • future updates: revive and revise my sketchbook page (update by date instead of category, sans comics), upload comics, edit index page to have fun features, make index mobile friendly (simple = OK)

1/13: new page up: self-insert OCs/sonas! 🔞

1/12: answered a question!

1/1/24: happy new year!! just a quick music page update, and i edited my to-do list up here with the stuff i'm most excited to do.


  • added november music.
  • also new blorbos 🔞... i have predictably fallen in love with the rise turtles.

11/24: same as last time: added a response to another question and a new diary entry.

11/05: new diary entry and answered a question!


  • added some blorbos. i love devil's candy!
  • added some music from october.

10/17: added a new toybox page!

10/16: some responsiveness edits.

  • edited the css for the pages now, contact, and treasures so they work on mobile as well. it was not that hard!
  • future plans include doing the same for other pages (an overhaul of the worm shrine and acnh shrine css, some edits to the games and family page css) and a minimalist mobile homepage.
  • stretch goal: make things reader mode-friendly!
  • unfortunately, this site will likely not follow color contrast guidelines or have alt text on most images in the foreseeable future.

10/11: i made a little donnie log for my donnie brainworms. it's on a secret link i hope no one discovers...

  • i used the atom feed provided by!
  • i tried rss too, but i didn't like how manual the updating process was.

10/10: the beginnings of a mutant mayhem shrine.

  • i completed the index page.
  • i added the chara page and extra page, to be populated.
  • spent too much time making stamps and buttons of the turts.

10/9: lots of updates!

  • made an index for my collections just because.
  • built and filled up my languages page!
  • made a silly extra page, to be used as a jumping board/warning splash for my weirdo shrines in the future.
  • added shelf buttons for the diary, scrapbook, and the silly extra page.

10/8: made a little for you index, added a bunch of buttons to my links page, and now i have a materials page.

10/7: 🔞 spicy flavor page is up - heed warnings!

10/6: added RTA to my flavor profile, and edited my sweet flavor page with an intro.

10/4: two new pages: a masterlist for my vault and the beginnings of a little scrapbook :)

10/3: new diary entry. man, i need to make a diary button for this front page!

10/1: put up the treasures page! also to be properly filled out...

9/30: i've populated the blorbos page + added some music + overhauled the structure of this site. you'll see it most clearly in the map!

9/27: i have a blorbos page now, to be populated with descriptions.

9/23: now part of cafe rosé!

9/20: updated the music page with a new subpage: lyrics!

9/19: nothing special, just disabled my neocities profile. i'll probably write a post about it at some point!

9/9: added two new pages: resources & explore, which are also in this page's sidebar!

9/3: new page: music! also updated the games page... now there's an extra tab for non-console / misc games.

8/18: changed my faulty contact form and finished everbloom's homepage yay.

7/21: added two new pages: worm shrine and index of works!

6/27: i added the neighbors page.

6/13: host roster of my acnh host club is up!

6/6: part of the fujofans weblisting now! my proudest achievement.

6/3: made the family and homes pages! also made my external blog redirect from the /blog page, since i'm thinking about making a diary for here...

5/24: wew, added the amenities page for my acnh shrine. also edited the sitemap to make it look less annoying.

5/14: acnh shrine front page created!

5/13: lol i revamped the sweet page totally.

5/6: added new stuff to the shelf and made the flavor profile + "sweet" page! already thinking of how to revamp them.

5/1: made a "now" page to show what i'm currently up to. updates to happen sporadically.

4/23: FINALLY have a button! i updated this page too.

4/20: blaze it. added a sketchbook to the bottom shelf + new warnings up on my sketchbook and front page.

4/17: made some edits to the sitemap, added stuff to this page, and worked on the contact page + games page. WHEW!! also decided to make sidebar links different depending on the page, just for fun!

3/26: LONG TIME NO SEE... finally made an about page!

3/12: added more shelving items! pages to come gradually.

3/6: updated on neocities with this page, the sitemap, and a "what's in my bag" page, to be fleshed out later!

2/26: finally crafted the template i'm going to use for most of the pages. created this "about the site" page!

2/24: updated my homepage design to layout v1! extremely unresponsive, but i'm just trying to feel things out. i'll make it more flexible once i have things up and running.
blinkies and dollmaker page are gone for the time being while i rearrange.

2/17: learned how to make sidebars lmfao.

2/13: added blinkies n shit; made the page for the dollmaker and added the js i need to do it in the future.

2/11/23: started the site!

open the above if you want to see changes i made before 1/14/2024. these are not formatted to be seen in the atom feed... i'm lazy...

site anniversary: 2/11/2023