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welcome to my site!

warning: this site was designed by an adult with an adult audience in mind, and features content that is considered taboo, niche, and uncomfortable. PLEASE KEEP AWAY IF YOU ARE A MINOR OR UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SUCH SUBJECTS.

still here? must be an adult with the ability to look after yourself and curate your experience!

hiii i'm mei and welcome to my site! this is a personal homebase for everything i care about (as of this moment in time) + a space for me to be my most unhinged self and have fun.

most of my pages should be mobile-friendly, except a few including, shittily, my index page. i'm working on it! this place is also a work in progress, so some pages don't exist yet. but if you see anything broken that probably shouldn't be broken, please let me know!

to-do: languages page | phantom thread shrine | mutant mayhem character page | donnie shrine | make ac shrine mobile-friendly | continue ac shrine | draw more shelf items | "shrine homepage"

status update:

site update:

11/24: long time no see! easing back into site updates slowly... here's a response to another question and a new diary entry lol

11/05: new diary entry and answered a question!

10/26: added some blorbos and music :)

10/17: new page: toys! i also updated some pages to be mobile-friendly.

10/11: i have joined i choose you!

10/10: the beginnings of a mutant mayhem shrine.

10/9: made an index for my collections, my languages page, and added shelf buttons + a silly page.

10/8: made a little for you index, added a bunch of buttons to my links page, and now i have a materials page.

10/7: 🔞 spicy flavor page is up - heed warnings!

10/6: added RTA to my flavor profile, and edited my sweet flavor page with an intro.

10/4: two new pages: a masterlist for my vault and the beginnings of a little scrapbook :)

10/3: new diary entry. man, i need to make a diary button for this front page!

10/1: put up the treasures page! also to be properly filled out...

9/30: i've populated the blorbos page + added some music + overhauled the structure of this site. you'll see it most clearly in the map!

9/27: i have a blorbos page now, to be populated with descriptions. warning for possibly upsetting blorbos & descs. 🔞