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welcome to my site!

warning: while this site is not brimming with adult content, it was designed by an adult with an adult audience in mind, and features content that is considered taboo, niche, and strange. please keep away if you are a minor or uncomfortable with such subjects.

still here? must be an adult with the ability to look after yourself and curate your experience!

hiii! i'm mei and welcome to my site! this is a personal homebase for everything i care about (as of this moment in time) + a space for me to be my most unhinged self and have fun. a lot of it is a work in progress right now, but i hope you enjoy looking around!

many of my pages are currently not responsive and this place is a work in progress, so a lot of pages don't exist yet. but if you see anything broken that probably shouldn't be broken, please let me know!

to-do: everbloom amenities page | everbloom hosts (formal) page | spicy flavor profile | figure out what to do with some of these shelf items lmfao | make an "insane diary" type page (not my blog) | add a new music player | join a webring | worm shrine | FIX THE SITEMAP MA'AM!!!! | links page for neighbors' buttons | blorbos page

status update:

site update:

9/20: updated the music page with a new subpage: lyrics!

9/19: nothing special, just disabled my neocities profile. i'll probably write a post about it at some point!

9/9: updated the music page (new olivia rodrigo?!), and added two new pages: resources & explore!

9/3: new page: music!

8/23: new diary entry and added some neighbors.

8/18: changed my faulty contact form and finished everbloom's homepage yay

8/16: BIG sketchbook update. i think i'll try updating it every month from now on!