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ask me anything and i'll try to get back to you ASAP by posting the answers on here! :β€’)

note: this is more for casual/random Qs, so if you're looking to have an extensive conversation on something (art, coding, blorbos, etc), email would be better!

note 2: please don't be a dick lol

may 27, 2024

oh my god i can't imagine how much work that takes with all the pages you have, that's insane & amazing !!

thank you anon!! T__T i appreciate that you view it so positively. BUT ALSO you prompted me to learn how SSGs work (i figured it out!!!) so maybe in the near future i will update my tedious processes! thank you for giving me the push to learn something new.

may 27, 2024

Thought you might like to know that your blorbostats page is titled "everbloom resident log". Guessing this is a copy/paste error. Have a nice day!

ack good catch anon!! it was indeed a copy/paste error (right after i talked about manually updating all my pages too... lmfao the clear effects of such a way of doing things). just fixed it + have a nice day too!

may 22, 2024

just a quick question if u don't mind !! Do you manually edit your code when updating/adding pages or use static site generators/apps? ;;

hiya anon!!! i unfortunately manually update my pages (aka navigate to every folder with pages i edited and reupload them LOL)... i edit the code on my local files and VScode. i've yet to try a SSG or sit down to learn how to use one, but i'd like to try to do that with another site maybe!

may 12, 2024

Hello!!! Thank you for all of your rec lists, but especially the fucked up ones. We seem to have similar tastes! I am being well fed.

hello anon i'm SO glad to hear that!!!!! it always makes me happy when i can recommend something people will like. let me know if you end up reading/watching any of the things on there!

may 9, 2024

miniso capybara collection btw. If you care

I DO CARE... thank you for the alert!! i must go check it out asap

may 9, 2024

i don't know if you'd be comfortable with it, but i'd love to read a long-ass, heartfelt essay of yours about your relationship to fandom and mostly your blorbos and how you see that part of your inner life, how it affects you etc., you seem very introspective and interested in these topics and i'm sure it would be truly interesting!

wah, anon!!! i can't put into words how honored i feel that you'd care to read something like that... that seems like a lot of fun to do!!!

i'm actually already in the process of making a page to compile a handful of fannish things i've made (slideshows, sheets, etc) and have nothing yet for the writing section, so that might be an excellent first installment! thank you!

april 23, 2024

Have you considered watching Cougar Town? Danni Pudi is in the background of one shot

i have not, but i did see that clip!! he's in character as abed from community – abed mentions having been an extra on cougar town in one of the episodes lmao. i actually don't know anything about the show beyond it being one abed likes but i'll look it up!

april 11, 2024

r u tapped in on starkid’s hatchetfield musicals? idk I feel like u might them?

that's kind of in the realm of nerdy prudes must die, right? i've seen some really good fanart of it and tried to watch a bit of the show once on youtube!! i'll admit i didn't spend too much time on it so i didn't get into it, but i might if i gave it more of a shot. i mostly messed around on the wiki and tried to understand the multiverse but alas, not everything can be done through reading LOL

april 3, 2024

i started looking through the new boywall and i was catching your vibe like "mei would like gianmarco" and THERE HE WAS! he's such a cute fella isn't he

ANON YOU HAVE MY WHOLE HEART. thank you for looking through my boywall... i can't believe you clocked my type while scrolling and totally got it right. this message made my day lmao.

and YES he's such a swell lad – i'm glad to know there is another gianmarco fan in the wild wild west of the personal web!!! his comedy is exactly my style, and he's cute to boot. i'd love to see him live someday.

april 1, 2024

hiii mei, first of all I love your site, it's very creative and cool! I would like to ask how did you embed your latest on your front page? Is it difficult to do? Thanks in advance

hey anon!! thank you so much! i just followed the instructions for the status widget on the status cafe site :) it was super easy – hope you get to do it too!

february 28, 2024

9/10 needs more shota

LOL thanks for the feedback anon. you're so right...

february 26, 2024

YOUR SKETCHBOOK WAAAA!!! Cupid is the new love of my life.

AHHHH THANK YOU!!!! that makes me so happy to hear, i care him so much, i'm so glad you like him T__T

february 26, 2024

[an ask about taking some time to read my comics, i'm so sorry i lost it!!]

in the process of editing this page i accidentally overwrote your ask i'm so sorry... but thank you so much for reading my comics!!!!!

february 23, 2024

I love your tinder matches comic <3 it gave me a good laugh

WAH thank you so much!!! T__T i'm delighted to get feedback on it so soon after i posted, even if it's very old LOL... glad to make you smile, anon!!

february 7, 2024

re-animator anon, i meant mostly silly mad scientist herbert west, but honestly this film has its varied pick of charming losers :o) i understand if gore isn't your thing, tho! here it's cartoony but still uh, might be a little disturbing if it's not your thing!

OHOHO okay i looked him up a bit more and i am interested :β€’) on his wikipedia page there is a very handsomely drawn him from a 2015 comic... also i watched the trailer to test my tolerance for the gore and ended up watching through my fingers LOL it's unfortunate that i am so squeamish – you've got a lot of power, anon!! i might just read the story or find a comic (?), if you have any recs, but if you particularly love movie herbert i will do my best

february 3, 2024

have you watched re-animator... if you're into nerdy failguys, this might be the [the rest of the question didn't make it to my askbox! :c]

anon unfortunately i didn't get the rest of your question, sorry!! BUT i think the important info made it to me: the name of the thing to watch + "nerdy failguys"!!!!

i looked it up! is it the 1985 real people film based on the h.p. lovecraft story? it seems there is many a man in this story (i read the synopsis) who could be potentially fail, so i'm curious about it!!!

i have kind of a weak stomach for gore, but i'll probably employ someone to watch it with me LOL. i hope i got the correct film you were recommending (there's nothing else that's called reanimator so it should be right but correct me if i'm wrong!)

january 18, 2024

Pspsps. You'd love Alcryst.

(is this rebecca...) I KNOW. HE IS SO CUTE AND INSECURE.

i think i need someone to lend me engage though, because one (1) cute boy and sommie are not enough to get me to buy the game... the perils of starting fe on three houses (i love a school setting)

january 15, 2024

Hi, I'm having a lot of fun browsing your site! Are your comics available anywhere to read?

hi, thank you kindly!!! if you mean the stuff on my for love page, i have a few of them on my, but for a small fee + some of them aren't on there.

at some point i want to put them up on here (save for my thesis, which is Tew big lol) for free, since they're all quite old, but i need to go through and block out any info first LOL. these were all made to be shared just with irls so they're a bit too free with details for my liking to post online just yet.

i have a couple of diary comics up on an instagram, but i hate instagram and hope to post those on here too. i'll bump it up my to-do list for the site since you're interested!! thank you!!

january 12, 2024

Hii!β™‘ good evening or good morning!! I was just wondering do you know of Hazbin Hotel? would you consider watching it at all?β™‘ (p.s am a big lover of the show :3)

hello hello!! yeah, i know a bit about hazbin hotel! i'm a tumblr sexyman enjoyer so i got curious about alastor when the pilot came out, LOL. i have mixed feelings about both hazbin and helluva boss, but i stay up to date anyway because the characters are interesting. i'm excited to hear their broadway VAs bring them to life! (i like theatre.)

my favorite character is vox, even though we barely know anything about him yet – he's just very handsome – and i have a soft spot for sir pentious because of a wonderful fic.

november 24, 2023

What kind of magical girl/boy anime do you like? The traditional ones, the deconstructions, the parodies, or do you like all of them equally?

i actually don't watch any magical girl/boy anime! i didn't really grow up watching anime myself, but i had friends/family who did. i am full of secondhand influences... i'm sort of interested in watching madoka magica, but i'm notoriously bad at starting new media lol

november 6, 2023

hi~ do you have the link to your neocities profile? i cant seem to find it.

hi!! i've disabled my neocities profile, sorry :(

november 5, 2023

Hi there. I wanted to know: 1. Do you like Sk8 the Infinity and The Case Study of Vanitas? and 2. Would you want to get into Lolita Fashion?

hello!! i really like that you've numbered your questions so i'll respond the same way:

  1. i know very little about sk8 but i've seen good fanart of it. i've never heard of the case study of vanitas!! i looked it up though and the boys look very pretty. i'm not one for sports (?) anime or period series though so i don't know if i'll get into them! i'm curious as to why you ask about these two in particular :β€’)
  2. no, i think my style is a bit too minimalist/classic for it. i've learned that too much fluff and lace looks kind of weird on me, so my style is a lot more plains + solid shapes. it's very cool on other people though!!!

thank you for the fun Qs!!

october 13, 2023

I saw your statuscafe about RSS! This is the guide I found the most helpful, just thought I'd share it! You might find a different one to be more helpful to you, I know we're all different, but anyway, here – Combined with this, cus the first link's timestamp generator was down when I made my own RSS

WOAH thank you, i didn't think anyone would see my silly griping! this is super helpful ;_; i'll take a look at them and then maybe finally have a nice little rss feed for my site! thank you again!!

august 18, 2023

hello when did u fall in lov w the color pink

you know what. i don't know!! i loved it as a kid, but then fell off it for the same reasons other girls growing up in the 2000s did lol. it was some time in high school that i revisited it, i think... or after? my favorite color was purple for a very long time. i can't believe i don't remember

may 16, 2023

if you had to pick 1 fictional character to date, who would it be???

just one?!?!?! this is so tough... there are so many... although to be fair most of the characters i really like would likely not be the best dates lmao

the chara who would be the best date according to my blorbo calculations is ben wyatt from parks and rec... but i'm gonna speak from the heart (as of today,) and choose kazuha von genshin. i don't play the game, i just like that little weirdo!! he's sweet and might make me enjoy the outdoors!