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inspired by strawberry-gashes!

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hello when did u fall in lov w the color pink

you know what. i don't know!! i loved it as a kid, but then fell off it for the same reasons other girls growing up in the 2000s did lol. it was some time in high school that i revisited it, i think... or after? my favorite color was purple for a very long time. i can't believe i don't remember

august 18, 2023

if you had to pick 1 fictional character to date, who would it be???

just one?!?!?! this is so tough... there are so many... although to be fair most of the characters i really like would likely not be the best dates lmao

the chara who would be the best date according to my blorbo calculations is ben wyatt from parks and rec... but i'm gonna speak from the heart (as of today, ) and choose kazuha von genshin. i don't play the game, i just like that little weirdo!! he's sweet and might make me enjoy the outdoors!

may 16, 2023