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note: this is more for casual/random Qs, so if you're looking to have an extensive conversation on something (art, coding, etc), email would be better!

note 2: please don't be a dick lol

november 24, 2023

What kind of magical girl/boy anime do you like? The traditional ones, the deconstructions, the parodies, or do you like all of them equally?

i actually don't watch any magical girl/boy anime! i didn't really grow up watching anime myself, but i had friends/family who did. i am full of secondhand influences... i'm sort of interested in watching madoka magica, but i'm notoriously bad at starting new media lol

november 6, 2023

hi~ do you have the link to your neocities profile? i cant seem to find it.

hi!! i've disabled my neocities profile, sorry :(

november 5, 2023

Hi there. I wanted to know: 1. Do you like Sk8 the Infinity and The Case Study of Vanitas? and 2. Would you want to get into Lolita Fashion?

hello!! i really like that you've numbered your questions so i'll respond the same way:

  1. i know very little about sk8 but i've seen good fanart of it. i've never heard of the case study of vanitas!! i looked it up though and the boys look very pretty. i'm not one for sports (?) anime or period series though so i don't know if i'll get into them! i'm curious as to why you ask about these two in particular :•)
  2. no, i think my style is a bit too minimalist/classic for it. i've learned that too much fluff and lace looks kind of weird on me, so my style is a lot more plains + solid shapes. it's very cool on other people though!!!

thank you for the fun Qs!!

october 13, 2023

I saw your statuscafe about RSS! This is the guide I found the most helpful, just thought I'd share it! You might find a different one to be more helpful to you, I know we're all different, but anyway, here – Combined with this, cus the first link's timestamp generator was down when I made my own RSS

WOAH thank you, i didn't think anyone would see my silly griping! this is super helpful ;_; i'll take a look at them and then maybe finally have a nice little rss feed for my site! thank you again!!

august 18, 2023

hello when did u fall in lov w the color pink

you know what. i don't know!! i loved it as a kid, but then fell off it for the same reasons other girls growing up in the 2000s did lol. it was some time in high school that i revisited it, i think... or after? my favorite color was purple for a very long time. i can't believe i don't remember

may 16, 2023

if you had to pick 1 fictional character to date, who would it be???

just one?!?!?! this is so tough... there are so many... although to be fair most of the characters i really like would likely not be the best dates lmao

the chara who would be the best date according to my blorbo calculations is ben wyatt from parks and rec... but i'm gonna speak from the heart (as of today,) and choose kazuha von genshin. i don't play the game, i just like that little weirdo!! he's sweet and might make me enjoy the outdoors!