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Hiiiiiiii and welcome to my Mutant Mayhem shrine, established October 2023. These turtles have consumed my every waking thought. I downloaded the movie and then did so a second time because the first one wasn't clear enough. I watched it on my iPad on the shuttle on the way back from a work trip with my coworkers, pausing and taking screenshots shamelessly. I made an account on Squidge Images to house all my Donnies. I have spent time and effort trying to draw turtles – a thing I've never said before in my life. I felt like a shrine was the natural next step.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't grow up watching TMNT or paying it any attention at all, so I MIGHT BE WRONG ABOUT MANY THINGS!!!!!! I am also a very new fan who is generally not much of a superhero girlie, and this continues to hold true as I obsess over MM. I'm really in it for this specific iteration1 of the characters + their silliness.

Just look at how cute they are... what the hell... they have STRING LIGHTS IN THEIR HOME!!!


240308: Added the etiquette spot video to the EXTRA page.

240308: The EXTRA page has a lot of content now! Feel free to have a scroll.

240302: The CHARAS page is complete! You'll also find a link to another page not found in the sidebar when you're there...

240228: I have updated the ABOUT page with a full writeup!

240117: The GALLERY is up! It's fairly simple which I think is best. I have the skeletons for some of the other pages to be filled out at some point.

231206: Added a to-do list. Kind of slow moving but at least we have direction!

231010: I built the shrine today! Used the images I saved on Squidge to save on space in my Neocities storage.

  • Designed the CSS I'll be using for the whole shrine (maybe).
  • Spent a bunch of time making buttons and stamps of the boys.
  • CHARA and EXTRA pages are up with nothing much in them yet.


You might notice that this page's link is called "mume". It's how I've chosen to abbreviate Mutant Mayhem. I assumed this was how they would shorten it in Japanese – like ミュータント・イヘム – but it turned out they shorten it to ミューパニ myuupani for "Mutant Panic", which is the official title of Mutant Mayhem in Japan.

So now I just have this made up abbreviation (that I honestly don't even pronounce correctly half the time), but I'm going to use it anyway. Mume shrine!

(If you were curious, the title in Korean is 닌자터틀: 뮤턴트 대소동. So also not "mume".)

🐢 🐢 🐢 🐢

[1]: I'm not opposed to getting into the other shows/movies, but it's not a priority. I'm very picky about art style, so the only other iteration of the turts I'll probably check out is ROTTMNT. I started with the movie (it was the only thing available to me at the time), but I stopped watching partway because I'm just bad at watching movies, and I don't like doing things out of order... I'll try again with the show proper someday!

Update (23/12/6): I watched it. I really love it. I don't know if I'll make a shrine for it, but I just came back to say I'm obsessed.

Update (24/1/17): I am very close to starting the 2012 cartoon as well. Turtle disease.

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