it's been a long time coming: eras tour, babey!

wednesday, february 21, 2024

i'm back from my trip! my family flew to melbourne for a week and had a really good time. i'll probably write a separate post about stuff we did and things i got there, but before any of that: last friday i saw taylor swift in concert for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sidenote: i think it's kind of funny how now three of my blog posts on here have been taylor-related, because i don't actually think about her all that much. i guess she's just... easier to write about, as a result? it just ends up making me look like a super taylor fan among all the things i like. please be assured that most of my hours i spend thinking about the ninja turtles.)

we bought our tix in june, and it was a wild ride. our concert squad was six people in total: me, my two siblings, my sister-in-law, and also my sister-in-law's two friends. so two accounts had to go through the system to get enough tickets. i was lucky to have had control over BOTH accounts that got in (used my mom's email) and equally lucky to have nabbed four then two tix in literally the same row. what are the odds?

i watched the eras movie with my parents and sister when it came to our local theaters last year (i cried at lover and at betty – my favorite song), plus would get tour updates on my tiktok and twitter recommended pages (which i dislike as a general feature, but i guess i can't complain about being updated), so i knew what the concert was going to be like and could prep adequately. i had my bracelets and entire concert fit packed when we flew out, complete with matching nails i got done the sunday before.

(my nails. those are my natural nails, bc acrylics feel kind of at odds with my chubby fingers lmfao.)

i feel like the concert itself is pretty similar to the movie, and you can see other people's much better fancams of it, so instead here is MY EXPERIENCE of the concert day in bullets!

i am risking things to post this but here is the fit. i am that happy with it! here i am in a sea of blondes.

i really appreciate that taylor's music has brought me closer to people in my life. i have not made any friends through swiftie communities as i actively avoid fandom these days (especially normie fandom/stan twitter, god forbid), and many of my friends actively dislike taylor swift, which i don't mind (some of her actions/lack thereof are extremely questionable) unless they start sounding like they look down on me for liking her stuff, or make assumptions about all of her fans.

but talking about her and listening to her music has become another way for my immediate family to bond – we went on this trip for the concert after all! i talked at length with people at my old job who were also fans and became better friends with them. i'm talking to cousins i was never close to before because of her, and can immediately connect with strangers wearing friendship bracelets.

at the start of this post i said i didn't think that often about taylor and yeah in the grand scheme of things i sure Do Not. but i think it would be remiss to say i only care about her music. i grew up with this lady! i went through phases of liking her, hating her for Misogyny Points, liking her again, and now admiring her with a critical eye. she's not in any way my infallible idol, but i like that she's been able to reinvent herself over and over and make the most of her circumstances, favorable or otherwise. i like that she looks back on her mistakes and cringe moments with a sense of humor and a lasting love for herself. i like how prolific she is—god, if i had 18 years worth of music, i'd make an eras tour too.

i think what i admire about her resembles how i want to approach myself and my growth and my art! it's less a her thing and more a me thing, but also still a her thing bc she embodies the thing. who knows. i just know that i'm very happy i got to see her live, and on such a unique, once-in-a-lifetime kind of tour... i mean, i don't think i'd see Specific Album tours but a longass concert spanning her different phases which I Too have gone through with her in some way, albeit out of order? (i was not a deep fan until folklore, and worked my way backwards via the taylor's version releases.) i would not have missed this for the world.