here are some of the plush toys and shelf sitters i have currently. i don't consider myself a collector of things like this, and am honestly pretty selective about the toys i buy, but this collection is bigger than expected? i guess 5-year-old me who had a billion stuffed toys continues to live on.

all photos here were taken by me. please do not use them on your own site! although i'm not sure why you'd want to, lol.

i think this was the first toy i was ever given. it's got a little squeaky thing inside. i don't have a name for her, because i was a literal baby, but i love her anyway. maybe i'll give her a name now!

i saw this guy while browsing a general lifestyle store and had to laugh. look at him. what is up with that! i love how silly and cute he is in his bee costume. with short sleeves. i was so endeared by him that i had to get him - this was probably within the last two years.

yet another guy dressed as a bee. this character / mascot is named molang and he's korean i believe. i don't know anything else about his lore but i find him cute. i also don't know where i got this guy... maybe it was gifted to me?

i have three bees, yes... this one was commissioned by me, crocheted by a good friend of mine! it's a huggable size. i like that the wings are kind of... cupped? it looks really cute to me. i don't know if they're supposed to be that way, and you can cup them the inverse way too (so they flip up) but i kind of like them as just... there.

this guy is as big as a pillow. i begged a friend to let me buy him from her wayyy back in high school, and i don't regret it at all!!!!!

i feel sad about how mushy he's gotten from me laying my laptop or myself on him... he's also to my side when i sleep so he really suffers a lot. worm teethed on his nose when she was little, so now there's a hole there. i should buy some stuffing and patch him up.

this baby is the original bluey. in my canon, he was pinky's best friend. i think they had a romance of sorts?

i commissioned someone to make me a little camilo doll. he turned out so cute! i love the look of these crochet dolls. the mouthlessness is so endearing to me. i wanted to have him so i could throw him against the wall, so that was the first thing i did when i got him.

i'm very much not a figurine collector girlie, but while in japan my sister and i kept spotting this little dimoo mascot. the style was very cute, but the only one that caught my eye was this sad pathetic little boy who got stood up. delightful.

i refused to buy a gacha box since i only wanted this guy, so i waited until i got home to buy from a reseller who would open all of them and give you the specific one you wanted. wahoo!

my best friend bought me this ichimatsu desk friend once. he's SUPER TINY. like, the length of my finger. he also doesn't sit very well and falls over often. i'm pretty sure i also got a karamatsu, but i might have lost him somewhere in my room, which i think is pretty in character for him.

inteleon my boyfriend. you know what, i got him SO recently but cannot recall where. at the pokemon center? did someone gift him? sorry if someone did and i forgot. anyway, i love him! he stands poorly, like ichimatsu sits, so i've double-taped his feet to my shelf so he'd stop falling over. you're not going anywhere, sir!

my sister is really good at felting and she made me this supder cute kidd desk friend. she gave him a little book to read too! he is so smart and curious.

the base of my lamp is green so he looks like he's sitting in the grass when he sits there, which was intentional on my sister's part. (the lamp is not pictured.)

you thought you'd seen the last of oliver? hah! i bought this oliver head on one artbox trip. i realized oliver is just another mouthless guy i like... but look at him! so sweet. even though he's just a head, he brings me joy. his filling is actual stuffing and not beans, so he's not much of a stress ball - just a ball you can pat on the head kindly.

pinky is my ride or die. i've had her since i was three and she's been with me everywhere. when i was young and we were traveling, my mom would zip her into my jacket so just her head was visible, and i'd just walk around like that. it's a very silly image, but i was so attached to her and was glad to have a way to bring her with me.

people always ask me if she used to have a nose... the answer is no! if you look very closely (well, you can't), she actually has a nose and mouth, but they're sewn in with thread the same color as her fur, which, like – what the hell, right? but as a mouthless character enjoyer, i like it.

i brightened up her color for this picture, but she's a much more faded pink in real life. to be loved is to be changed.

this capybara walks if you press the left button on the remote, and chirps (?) if you press the right. i'm not sure if it still does, actually – i should probably change the batteries.

this is rory, my childhood lion :) i have a baby picture where my mom is pressing rory's snout to my cheek in a kiss. he's a sweet boy. i realize he looks kind of mad in this picture... he doesn't actually look like that. please don't misunderstand rory!

my cousin got me this sadness doll because she looks like i did some years ago LOLLL. worried with glasses and a bob. if you press her hand she says something, but i don't recall what she says. :(

i actually didn't like inside out that much. but i like that it gave me an easy halloween costume to do lol

shellder sitting cuties! i fucking love that the pokemon merch guys decided to call this line of plush toys "sitting cuties." they truly are. my sister got me this for christmas!

baby capybara! she sits in your hand and is easy to hurl at people, so is perfect. i actually have a lot of kapibarasan merch for someone who's not a diehard collector – stay tuned for more kapibarasan adds to this page.


i bought this squirtle from someone selling stuffed toys for a fundraiser. he is preloved and it shows, but what a cute boy! from the back he has a nice round head that you just want to hold gently.

when my siblings let me play pokemon blue as a kid, i named my squirtle katootie. i have no idea where i got this name.

i got kicks from the same fundraiser i got the squirtle above! he also is secondhand but it does not show as much. he is cute and grippable.

something i find funny about this kicks plush is that he... does not have a snout. it's like they just made him based on a screenshot of him from the front. i think it would have been cuter if he had a snout, but probably harder on the plush makers. i like him all the same.

this guy is the size of a throw pillow and looks very funny. he's literally :) lmfao.. i usually use him to prop up my laptop or ipad when i inevitably bring one of them to bed. i call him mister guy mister sir boy!

this handsome supine gentleman is star – he has a star on his chest, if you can't see. star is very unique because his coat (?) is like... umbrella fabric. he also is so out of stuffing it's phenomenal, especially since i don't think he's ever burst a seam.

star was made without a face, which is unsettling to some but really endearing to me. i've had him since i was two years old.

i'm laughing as i type this. i saw @guessibetter on twitter run preorders for a super cute sylvain pillow that's smaller than your head, which they called "pillowvain" or "soft sylvie." he is very cute and happy, and has a little heart embroidered in his bangs. he came with blush applied, so i reapply it whenever i remember to.

my parents were in hawaii and found a shop that sold these super cute chubby toys. you can hold them in two hands like a burger. they sent a picture to the group chat and had us each pick little burger guys, so i picked this cute face!

i picked two actually. i couldn't resist the turtle... i was initially hesitant because I Don't Need Two Guys and was more sold on the axolotl, but i'm happy i got the turt too. it's so silly to behold.

my favorite pokemon is shellder, but my second favorite is hisuian zorua. look at his gentle gaze! i want to take care of it and make it feel warm and loved.

i went to the pokemon center in shibuya (?) and saw they were selling SHINY hisuian zoruas, but the normal ones were all out. prior to going there i didn't even know this plush existed, but i ended up going to the ikebukuro pokemon center to acquire him. singleminded love of a mother.

i got soondori back in 2018 when i was deep in my svt phase. i don't usually find idol dolls cute, but soondori's design was extremely cute. look at his face.

i think he came in a polar bear onesie outfit, but while i was in seoul i went to a store that specializes in clothes for these idol dolls and pickd up a cute outfit for him, pictured here. i bought him glasses too (made of Real glasses material!), but they keep falling, so they are not in the picture.

BABY... these mutant mayhem stuffed toys came out and i ordered donnie as soon as i could. look at his little three-mouth. he's got smiley eyes under those non-removable glasses too. they did a good job of capturing the cuteness of mume donnie in this plush toy.

i have never been the type to bring around a plush when traveling or out and about, but i brought him once to the natural history museum and it brought me so much joy to take a picture of him in front of the turtle exhibit.