gotta catch 'em all!

hello and welcome to my pokemon shrine! click the links below to navigate.

welcome to the world of pokemon!

hello and welcome to my pokemon shrine, established march 2024!

like i assume many fans feel, it's hard to express what pokemon means to me. i grew up with it, and even after so many years, it remains a way for me to bond with my siblings who passed their love of the franchise down to me – and even my parents, who can still name many of the original 151 pokemon. all my life, it's helped me make friends and stretch my creative muscles. it introduced me to internet communities and in some ways was my first fandom.

it's a world that continues to grow, that continues to amaze me, and so i thought i would dedicate some place on my site to it! i love that pokemon is so universal, and that anyone can find something about it that speaks to them. in these pages, you'll find a few of mine. enjoy exploring!

shrine updates

  • 240412: updated the GAMES page to include misc media at the bottom, and simplified the sidebar links.
  • 240318: GAMES page is up!
  • 240317: FAVORITE POKEMON page is up and filled up.
  • 240315: shrine established!