what am i up to now?

last updated: 230429

my dog mid-smushing her face into the couch.

this page was inspired by everywwwhere.net and scumsuck.com/now.

personal updates

current era

i'm in my corporate girl era!


who am i?

these days, i am working at my funny little desk job, still.

it's been over six months, and i'm in the process of becoming a full-time employee from a contractual one. cool. i'm like 90% sure this kind of work isn't for me, but my coworkers are nice and the tasks are really not that difficult, so i'm sticking to it for now.

because of it, it's been tough to do any art "seriously" - all my free time has gone into recovering from the workday via coding this site or playing games or, occasionally, doodling. it's fine. i know my Art Season will return - i'm enjoying Website Season while it's here.

where am i?

physically, i'm living at home with my family.

it's where i've lived since i came home from college mid-pandemic lol. i love my family and the comfort of living at home, but i also miss living independently + in a more temperate country. i'd like to relocate again eventually, but i'd need a reason to go (for visa purposes), and i don't really know what i want to do yet. plus, i've still got my job and my cert to finish, so it can wait.

online, i'm spending less and less time on my public twitter.

...even on my private one for online friends. o(—( i think i'm just avoiding a larger online timeline. i've mostly been spending time on my site (this!) and my private twitters that only my irls are on. i'd like to slowly become more comfortable being as insane on here as i am with my irls!

what am i doing?

  • i have to finish up my ko-fi commissions..............
  • my best friend and i are planning an animatic about my cupid oc and his crush! i'm responsible for the keyframes... i'll probably start with the scenes that i can already think of and then fill in the gaps.
  • i want to draw some shotas!!! i want to draw hot drunk bastards!!! i want to draw unhinged stuff catered to ME!!!
  • i have to start writing the script for my ace girl x her blorbo comic.
  • slowly but steadily adding graphics and links to the shelving on my homepage.
  • i also want to work on my yume pages :) gives me an excuse to think about them harder... and maybe make more ocs.
  • i got the idea to make a slambook, which i'm not entirely sure how to execute just yet, but i'm excited to try it.
  • trying to get back into korean conversation classes with my tutor on italki.
  • i redownloaded duolingo for spanish. as of writing this, i'm on a 14-day streak.
  • teaching my dog "shake".
  • figuring out how to get back into moving my body regularly!

media updates


  • spy x family
  • the owl house s1
  • bob's burgers s6
  • never have i ever

listening to:


  • phoenix wright: ace attorney - justice for all
  • fire emblem warriors: three hopes
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: rescue team dx


  • emma by jane austen
  • the inferno by dante alighieri
  • the children of the king by sonya hartnett

obsessing over:

  • this willow/alador fic i discovered on a whim
  • kazuha from genshin impact. i don't even play this damn game. i just think he's impossibly unbearably cute... what the hell
  • weirdly, i think that's it right now... huh. i'm usually into more things.

in the future

i'd like to travel by myself later this year.

my original plan was korea so i could take the TOPIK, but getting a visa appointment is impossible, so i think i'll go to japan, since i've already got the visa. do i have the money? probably not. gotta save up!!! (also gotta get back into learning japanese!)

i also want to draw more again... i'm fascinated by people who create stuff that is unapologetically themselves on a hypercritical internet. i admire those people. i want to get there, but always feel like i'm holding myself back. i guess baby steps?

want to watch: succession, tristamp
want to play: the great ace attorney
want to read: milk fed