assigned pokemon: gengar

likes: sports/fitness, the beatles, podcasts, other countries

like me: humanities & words > numbers, language learner, talker

with me: climbing, listening to old music


assigned pokemon: vileplume

likes: cooking, candy crush and sudoku, finance, magazines, her dog

like me: overthinker, planner, creature of comfort

with me: shopping, introspective conversations


assigned pokemon: garchomp

likes: video games, statistics and data, sports, conan, sharks

like me: meat eater, a little impatient, night owl

with me: drinking and talking


assigned pokemon: munna

likes: crafts and decor, plants, k-dramas & shoujo, sweet things

like me: youngest child, seemingly shy, documents her life

with me: hoop, crafts


assigned pokemon: quagsire

likes: art, desserts, dogs and other animals, colors, fashion

like me: cute things enjoyer, expresses self through art, opinionated

with me: watching cartoons/anime, being a hater

me lol

you already know me!!!! anyway i love my family…

i freaking love my family, so i wanted to make a page dedicated to them without accidentally doxxing all of us lmao. this was my workaround.

if you click on each pokemon, it will tell you a bit more about each family member. if you click on the title, it will bring you back to this.

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