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♪ september

There It Goes - Maisie Peters

GUTS (2023) by Olivia Rodrigo

230909: y'all this album... i didn't listen to sour in full although i liked the songs i did hear, but something about guts is really compelling to me. i listened to it through last night and really loved it.

standouts: get him back, all-american bitch

Not The End - McFly

I can remember quietly saying
"I wanna marry you, so do you wanna marry me too?"

And maybe on our wedding night
We'll learn the words and get it right
After the time, the stars will align
And when the music stops, we'll ask
The band to play one more time

Loving You From a Distance - jomm, readyaimfire27

Taylor Swift: The Complete Eras Megamix - Joseph James

here's the song, but i think it got deleted. much like many others, my favorite part is VI. Amber... the betty & cornelia street (my fave songs) and teardrops (my first song, i think) parts hit me hardest!!! the only one who's got enough of me to break my heart AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Vacation Eyes - Jonas Brothers
You're Losing Me - Taylor Swift

♪ august

August - Taylor Swift

of course. SALT AIR!!!!!!

Wonderland - Taylor Swift

girls just wanna have sex - mazie

Movie Loves A Screen - April Smith and the Great Picture Show

i've liked this song since high school, but i listened to it again recently thinking about my ocs.

Laughing means there is happiness
Crying means somebody's blue
Screaming implies someone's been telling lies
Or an apology is overdue

A smile means things turned out alright
Despite an oversight or two
I just want to mean something to you *

Vacation Eyes - Jonas Brothers

a video of joe jonas singing this song brought me to it. i have always known joe jonas was attractive, but in the way you know people get mugged in cities. you still get shocked when it happens to you. anyway, this song makes me want to be in love

Beach town, pull up like a hair tie
I just wanna reach out, feel you like a landslide
Doesn't matter where we make this love
Is that me and you euphoria, I don't need, I don't need to know *

HOT TO GO! - Chappell Roan
Pink Pony Club - Chappell Roan
Naked in Manhattan - Chappell Roan
Casual - Chappell Roan

So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings - Caroline Polachek

i get a little lonely
get a little more close to me *

(i love the gasp she does at around 2:32. so charming!)

Feather - Sabrina Carpenter

Fantasize - Ariana Grande

i no longer keep up with ariana but girlie has to release this song. everyone's right.

Scared of Getting What I Want - Annika Bennett


this is the playlist i constantly update with my favorite songs at the moment. i put it on shuffle often while i'm doing anything, although these days i delve more into my larger playlist of liked songs.

i plan to use this page to keep track of lines/songs that have made me insane multiple times over the course of my life :) stay tuned

lyrics i love

or, well, general parts of songs that i find really fun or compelling. usually you will need to hear it in the context of the whole song, so you can hover over the lyric and click the song title to listen to it on youtube!

he's so bossy, he makes me dance moonlight, ariana grande
would you have me? would you want me? betty, taylor swift
you only kiss me with the lights off, baby, am i good enough? jason, bonnie parker
i beg and plead you, please succumb to my charms tonight eddie baby, felix hagan & the family
like if cleopatra grew up in a small town when emma falls in love, taylor swift
그대는 어떤가? 나 때문에 잠들기 힘들까? oh my!, seventeen
the way i loved you, i will not be embarrassed of that there it goes, maisie peters
how can a person know everything at eighteen but nothing at twenty-two? nothing new, taylor swift ft. phoebe bridgers
your back beneath the sun, wishing i could write my name on it august, taylor swift
you knew it from the start, you've won, you've won, you've won;
so blame it on my heart and run run, vallis alps
i love you, ain't that the worst thing you ever heard? cruel summer, taylor swift
you won't stay with me, i know,
but you can have your way with me 'til you go let's fall in love for the night, finneas
입 맞추는 거에 대해 너는 어때? fronting, seventeen
she walks like a woman and talks like a little girl little sister song, kid sistr
maybe you've gone to buy me flowers moon eyes, cehryl
you're always busy being make-believe love is a laserquest, arctic monkeys
길을 걸을 때 baby 위험하니까 꼭 안쪽으로 걸어 mansae, seventeen
in my head, i do everything right supercut, lorde
don't you know you're everything i have? angel with a shotgun, the cab
you're my twenties 20, seventeen
when i'm not being honest, i pretend that you were just some lover love is a laserquest, arctic monkeys
i'm doing better, i made it to september, i can finally breathe there it goes, maisie peters
what if when he sees me, i like him and he knows it?
what if he opens up a door and i can't close it? when he sees me from waitress (originally by sara bareilles)