a history of non-gaming

despite having had all these consoles, i grew up mostly watching my older siblings play games. they'd play stuff like sengoku basara or okami and i would sit there like "wow cool" and never ask to try it myself... even when i got my own DS lite (and didn't just borrow my sister's), i'd still make her play the game so i could watch over her shoulder. (weirdly, i never got into watching let's plays as an adult!)

i also was an impatient kid (and continue to be an impatient adult) so i'd lose interest quickly if i couldn't figure out the next step or beat the next level, so i never finished any games LMAO.

i got the 3ds years after it came out, the summer before i started college, i think. i bought pokemon sun but got busy with school and ended up barely playing anything on my 3ds, so the cycle of not really playing shit was set to continue...

then the pandemic hit!

i was finishing up my senior year of college, living with friends, and earning some money. i was deep into the ac pocket camp mobile game when new horizons came out, and told myself i was fine without a switch, knowing my track record with games.

i lasted about a week before i caved. i bought the game and the console, and promptly abandoned pocket camp. (sorry mobile game devs.) later i picked up another game, and another, and between that and the amount of time i had + amount of escapism i wanted to do, i had finally became a proper gamer who used her consoles and completed games.

(obviously that's not what gaming is about. but i got really into it at this point!)

i still don't consider myself much of any sort of media buff (a gamer included), just because i'm so picky with my titles and i know what i like. i rarely take a recommendation, and i naturally keep away from what's popular at any given time because of the overstimulation (bar one). i don't play anything with the intent to get good at it. i still just stick with the first pokemon i find and never look at their IVs. i'm on my fourth playthrough of fe3h and still don't really know how gambits work.

but i don't feel bad about any of that. i just always feel the need to explain myself because people assume gaming means experience with certain games LOL. i've never felt the need to do anything more than pick games i like and play them in order to enjoy! i'm very happy with and proud of the games in my collection. talk to me about them if you like!

games i want to play eventually

  • danganronpa: i read through the first game on the SA forums and i want to try playing it myself! maybe i'll end up getting into the other games too.
  • undertale: my best friend has been obsessed with this game forever, and has vowed to try pokemon if i play it.
  • the great ace attorney: i have it - i just have to start.