what's your flavor?

page inspired by mappapapa's shrines.

sweet spicy

sweet = ships that i can talk about in public during the day. healthy? sure, a lot of them, but not necessarily all!
just not particularly witchhuntable.

spicy = taboo themes are the core of these ships, no matter how cute or sweet i like to make them (and i do that a lot!).
please enter this page at your own risk.

at a glance:

oc/canon, shota enjoyer, HL, BL, GL, friends to lovers, playfulness and banter, mutual obsession (healthy), mutual obsession (unhealthy), opposites attract, lovesick boys, femdom / girls in control, gross skeevy premises but vanilla/sweet in execution, everyone is bisexual.


shipping triangle

created april 2023; not totally accurate. ships not plugged in (because there are too many of them), but this is how i usually ship things.

pages (wip)

blorbos • shotas

characters (wip)

camilo • grimsley • piers • kazuha • kidd

ships (wip)

yuridetta • moonbuggy • isaredd • pimi • camiemi • kidcarmen