everbloom island host club


Cross the bridge at the entrance and keep going left until you come across a lovely white cottage. Flanked by two booths where frequent guests drop gifts or fanmail for their favorite hosts, this is the first stop on your Everbloom trip.

Inside the cottage, you are welcomed by our receptionist to help you select a service best suited to you. Browse through our host catalog and ask any questions you might have - we're happy to help! ↓

While waiting to be served, you may use the powder room on the right to refresh yourself, or buy merchandise at our gift shop in the room on the left.

You may await your host in the main room or in the reading room downstairs.

(The back room is strictly off-limits to all but hosts and management staff.
The second floor unit is home to our staff, and thus also off-limits.)

date spots


Our outdoor cafe is a popular stop for many Everbloom guests. Share a sweet treat with a friend or your favorite host at our two-seater petal tables, or enjoy a moment of solitude at the counter. Our bearistas are well-trained to serve you only the best drinks!

Recommended drink: Afterfleur Latte
Specialty host/s: Lopez, Marshal
Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00


Walk along the riverside and enjoy your time among the cherry blossoms. This area is well-loved for its gorgeous views and prime picnic spots. It also is a popular fishing spot among residents and visitors alike!

Recommended season: Springtime, Bug-Off, Fishing Tourney
Specialty host/s: Sherb, Chief


Our well-lit, scenic parks are perfect for a leisurely stroll and a chat with good company. Keep an eye out for a mini fountain show when the clock strikes!

Operating hours: 24H

flower field

Fall asleep in a bed of flowers in our flower field, situated in the middle of the island for anyone who needs a little R&R. Set up a picnic with your host, take up shop with a book under a tree, or simply lie among our carefully tended blooms.

Kindly avoid trampling our flower field.

Specialty host/s: Beau


Soak up the sun on Everbloom's shore! Our beach boasts relaxing seating areas, large spaces to set up picnics or volleyball games, seaside lounge chairs, showers, and a mini-market for any refreshments or items you might need.

Specialty host/s: Snake

trails and views

Take a ride on one of our island bikes or go on foot and follow the trail through the more rural area of our island. Though tiny, our forest walkway is full of beautiful sights to see. Have one of our more athletic or nature-loving hosts give you the tour for the best experience!

Recommended season: Fall
Specialty host/s: Kid Cat, Raymond, Beau


Need a break? Don't worry! Everbloom provides seating areas across the island so you and your companion can take a rest whenever while exploring the island.


open jam

We hold open jam events every Sunday, where hosts and guests alike can channel their inner K.K. Slider and perform for a cozy, intimate audience under a cherry blossom sky.

If you would like to sign up to perform, please inform our receptionist in advance or upon arrival.

Specialty host/s: Marshal, Chief, Lopez


In the far left of the island, we show a variety of films handpicked by our very own hosts. Snacks and tickets can be purchased at the entrance until just before the showing starts for the evening. Once you're in, pick a spot, kick back, and enjoy a movie night under the stars!

Operating hours: 20:00 ~ 24:00
Specialty host/s: Kidd, Genji

market street

In the mood for some shopping? We've got you! You can find everything you need at Nook's Cranny, and purchase any clothing items at the Able Sisters shop. (Stop by the sisters if you'd like to nab some Everbloom merch!) If you're itching for more, you can also pick up some trinkets along the street just around the corner to Nook's.

Operating hours:
• Nook's Cranny: 8:00 ~ 22:00
• Able Sisters: 9:00 ~ 21:00
• Market Street: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Specialty host/s: Raymond, Kidd, Genji


Ride the waves or go diving at Everbloom! You can rent surfboards and diving gear on the leftside beach for all your over and underwater needs. Between activities, you can also take a break and have some coconut juice at our seaside stall.

Operating hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00
Specialty host/s: Kid Cat, Snake, Sherb


Everbloom's highest point boasts a smattering of trees and a lovely campsite for visitors. Sit by the fire, roast marshmallows, and exchange stories with your chosen companion! When night arrives, head to the deck on the cliffside and make use of our state-of-the-art telescope to see the stars!

(This is not Everbloom's only campsite, but this one is specifically designed for guests.)

Operating hours: 13:00 ~ 24:00

Specialty host/s: Beau, Kid Cat


Not much of an outdoorsy person? We've got you! Our island houses an extensive collection of fossils, fine art, sea creatures, and bug species, fit for anyone who wants to explore our island in the comforts of an air-conditioned building. Pair up with one of our more well-read hosts (or simply an enthusiastic one) to get the full experience.

And don't forget to stop by Brewster's before you go!

Full exhibits: Fossils, Sea creatures
Partial exhibits: Bugs, Fish, Fine art
Specialty host/s: Kidd, Raymond

hot springs

(breaking character here: hold up i have forgotten to take pics of this area lmfao. will update once i do.)

Specialty host/s: Snake, Genji, Chief