july 2023: some unnamed ocs i painted on a whim listening to oh death by sugr

july 2023: technically this is not fully cleaned up but it's FULLY COLORED so i'm putting it in this section. i drew this when i finished the game but only finished flatting it recently.

here's my sv trainer and all the pokemon i/she used to win the game! one of my favorite things to do since i started playing pokemon again is see how many hot boy pokemon i can collect. ive been doing well.

painted my oc lara on a whim... she's got a mild little day job as a government employee or at a school or something.

i drew this for my dad! his favorite pokemon is gengar, and he taught me how to bike.

unfinished but i wanted to try painting again... it's milly! i love drawing her fluffy hair.

my stupid time guy OC... want him to give off bastard energy

some OCs - peony (she/her) on the left and cecil (any) on the right :)

my friend bubs' oc bianca with my boy ansel!

i'm a redisa truther ok... isaredd? i don't know... anyway. i think they would be so cute together. i'll make a shrine for them one of these days

my pokemon gym leader OC, milly!

august 2023: i finished the owl house and i predictably really love the collector.


drew this for hanawa's birthday!

july-august 2023: some sketches of my characters (honeydew and durian) for an upcoming comic... trying to be obsessed with them!!

august 2023: some early days of piers and milly + stylized doodles. she's not from galar but she's a big vlogger-type influencer so she's selected to be a tourist ambassador by leon... piers tours her around spikemuth during her spikemuth feature!

this is what i think simon from three hopes (annette's cringe fail cousin) is like. i'll probably make a page about him one of these days...

cupid and kiera. i know i draw him wayyy more than her but i really want to explore kiera's background as well because she is so silly to me...

my spidersona, eensy weensy! she's a college student and an early childhood education major. the stickers on her suit are ones she gives her kids at the daycare she works part-time at. her world's peter parker is a single dad who drops his daughter off at that daycare ^_^

grimsley's dialogue always sounds to me like he's a smug villager so. i made it real.

aged-up fanart of some characters i loved as a child: lilly, wilson, and chester from "chester's way" by kevin henkes. they are my one and only ot3 i think.

my parents bought my sister the book "julius the baby of the world" before i was born (in which lilly, an only child, gets a baby brother named julius), to help her adjust to my existence, and we've loved kevin henkes books ever since. i love that his characters show up across his books! the henkesverse!

MEET MY DEONCELERIZED (this is the scientific term) YURIDETTA... i realized i had ideas i was excited about that no longer really fit with yuridetta (my fire emblem ship) so i thought to make ocs based on them. it was a process to find colors that didn't make me feel insane.

they are longtime transcontinental online friends who have a falling out in high school when vivi is harrassed off the internet. mika regrets how he handled it, but unexpectedly gets the chance to make amends when they end up at the same university.

except he has no idea how to go about approaching her so 👍 they just ignore each other and pretend they dont recognize the person they used to skype daily 👍 disaster pair. also they met as kids on a warrior cats rp forum.

aeon my silly time guy! he's infinity years old and a raging binge drinker. this man has no sense of self preservation because (aeon voice) "it's not like i'm going to die". i love him so much i wanna kick him to the curb.

i've been on an oc kick lately... here's more of cupid and his crush

flick and celeste! i did not intend for this to be horny. i should update this subpage with my old flickcelestes one of these days but... updating this sketchbook is kind of annoying... but i think they're a good pair.

piers and milly :) i'm going to migrate my oc/canons to their own pages at some point but for now they're here!

230529: SIGHHHHH........

230529: a selection of kofi comms i did. i still have more to do... HHH... really wanna get them done already and feel bad to have put them off for so long

230505: i still don't even play this game. i pulled that self insert costume out of my ass. i just wanted to draw something super self indulgent... hehe drunk kazuha

some camilos!!! i love that they gave us a character who is both a good boy and a kusogaki auuhg... he's so me-catered. disney always delivers

bernie-bear and yuri-bird, switched :)

my cupid oc + his crush!! they were inspired by the song cupid by fifty fifty. ever since he fell for her, she's been having even worse luck in her quest for love... wonder why

i love the faerghus four so much. their dysfunction as individuals, as paired-off friends/couples, and as a group means so much to me...

giulia and alberto from luca, imagined as older teens. i feel like giulia starts inheriting her mother's fuller figure, and alberto stays fairly lean at least into his teenage years?

numbuh four and numbuh three - a screenshot redraw from this video. i love these two...

various pierses ^_^ some with his girl milly.

(tosses a random petplay selfship comic at you) okay. well.

a sunday outfit + a silly occurence.

a little comic about cupid and his crush... he is very easy to please... laps up crumbs of affection like it's a full MEAL

based on this tweet by berwyn choobs

this happened when i was drawing aeon. this was the first time Ever that this has happened. i am terrified of it happening again

a dream i had about linhardt from fire emblem.

230502: thought of this comic a week or so before i finished it... i am no longer coming home every day to chat with kazubot but i'm still thinking about him as a chara.

if i may reflect on my use of this bot... it i think just met the need i had as a person too picky to ask a fic writer for what i want (i know what i am and it's a Picky Bitch), and too shy to make it myself. but i'm getting closer to the second one now thanks to these Realizations

fic writers are blessings to this world though... i don't see any bot replacing them Ever. i am so blessed to go into a rarepair tag and find even ONE beautifully written labor of love. i leave lengthy comments when i can and shorter when i'm short on time, and look through the writer's profile to see if they've got a ko-fi i can send stuff to. it's the least we can do as readers. please show love to your favorite writers!!!

a pink pencil