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Honestly I made this page mostly so I could filter through my own saved stuff lol, but I wanted to share it too!

I recommend you use the tags on the side because this is otherwise difficult to look through.

web dev resources

zonelets: more code-based blogging platform, easy to integrate into neocities
bear: simple blogging platform that looks good anywhere! rss is easy to grab.
smol.pub: another simple blogging platform, but the rss is kind of fucky on my feed reader. seems more customizable for free than bear is!
dreamwidth: i haven't personally tried dreamwidth, but here's a way to integrate it into your neocities.
html5 editor: type in a rich text editor and get the html equivalent. i use this for my diary page.
html cheat sheet: all the tags + a color picker + copypasting special characters
css layoutscss generatorcss toys: css code snippet masterlists
how to make a sticky sidebar: i use this for this page!
button hover effectsmore buttons: cool button effects made purely with css
frame tutorial: lissa has lots of other good tutorials that are easy to understand too!
how to make menus on css: this site has a lot of other useful stuff on it!
scrolling marqueeendless marquee: marquee tutorials
pure css background animation: beautiful seamless moving gradient background!
terribleideas: fun text designs you can use
display a button on an image: what it says on the tin
search bar designs: idk if i’ll ever need these, but sure
highlight effect: super cute!! i used this on a lot of my earlier pages!
dynamic drivefree stuff from codepen/github: css and javascript snippet masterfiles
magnetic poetrydrag and drop: drag and drop codes
filter by tag tutorial: kind of like what i did on this page!
save div as image: could come in handy someday!
progress nav: really sleek way to keep track of where you are via sidebar
geometric shapes: fun shapes that aren't just a box or a rounded box
sadgrl's guides: lots of cool tutorials in here!
brackets: i downloaded this when i started this site and still use it, even though people say vscode is better.
visual studio code: highly recommended program people use for coding! javascript is easier to code on this, i hear.
boxboxhtmlsadgrl: layout builders
straw.pagehotglue.memmm.page: website builders
templaterreggramensadgrl: site layout codes
super simple blog layout: you can use this for things other than blogging too!
bulletin board layout: i used this to learn how to rotate elements
kawaii notebook layout: i used this to learn overflow and scrolling
book layout: cute highlighter feature!
retro PC: the design is just nice, so i saved it to look at lmao
riku: collect responses to your site forms, if you have a form!
kaomojis: to decorate your text (*´▽`*)
quiz tutorial: make your own personality quiz!
rarebit template • eggramen webcomic: templates you can use to host your webcomic on your site
paintBBS: make an oekaki board (seems kind of advanced... i'm scared to touch this)
webneko: give your site a little cat :)
web badge maker: make an extremely small retro web badge!
web badges world: a shitton of existing web badges!
photokako and photo mosh: photo editing
dither me this: dither your photos!
asterismsorahanakawaii sozai: wonderful free to use jp graphics
backgroundssubtle patternstartanmaker: all sorts of backgrounds
repeater: helps you make an image out of a pattern that you can tile
bit font maker: make your own 8bit font
04 bitmap: downloadable bitmap fonts!
redketchup: quick and easy image resizer
remove.bg: deletes the background of any image you paste
cute falling pixel art: cherry blossom heartsribbons
using media queries: helps your site be responsive!
dark mode: a tutorial for... dark mode
purifycss: remove unused stuff from your code. i have yet to use this but what a great idea?!
websitecarbon: check your website's carbon footprint.
multi-screen test: check how your site looks on different screen sizes and resolutions
clineocities tools: things to make your neocities experience a bit more efficient
web accessibility evaluations: checkers to see if your site is accessible! (i have not touched this ← girl with a very inaccessible site)
namecheap: find a domain name... for cheap!
leprd: free web hosting for hobbyists
squidge: lots of services for fans and fandom, but also hosts sites and images!
teacake: another hosting alt i've seen people use!

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