what i did for love

also known as index of works, or projects.

why "what i did for love"?

in the musical a chorus line, the song "what i did for love" is the auditioners' love letter to their ability to dance. at the start of the song, they're presented with a question: if today were the day you had to stop dancing, how would you feel?

the whole song makes me emotional, but my favorite lines are:

look my eyes are dry; the gift was ours to borrow.
won't forget, can't regret what i did for love.

i like remembering that the things we are able to do are gifts we should be glad to have. for someone like me who struggles sometimes to see the value of my work, who always wishes i were doing something more important/ambitious/universal with it, it's a reminder to appreciate that i can do it at all. and when i can no longer do it, i'll be glad for what i made while i could. everything i do out of love is important!

it's also a good reminder that everything i do should find its roots in love, rather than the pursuit of something frivolous like clout or prestige or good graces. love can be cringey. love can have no market value. love can be just for me, and it can be for like two other people, or it can be for everyone. whatever! as long as i do it for love!

everywhere a garden


a 150+ page graphic memoir i made for my senior thesis about moving to the united states for college, and the identity/belonging crisis that came with that. my most ambitious creative undertaking to date!

where to read?

it is too long to upload and too personal to share, so won't be on my site. (maybe i'll look it over and block some details out for posting...?)

freshman year


a tiny zine about my freshman year at college and the adjustments that came with it, made in my junior spring. an early iteration of everywhere a garden.

readable on my site here.



a tiny 8-page zine about funny/bad tinder matches. i feel silly having used tinder at all, as someone fearful of strangers and extremely hermity, but i got this zine out of it!

readable on my site here.

i wanna know


a valentine's day zine about kpop girl group sensation TWICE and craving romance. title derived from TWICE's song "what is love?".

readable on my site here.

oh so pretty! a crush zine


zine made for a comics class i took my freshman spring. it's all about crushes! i was a very crushy person back then. i remember having a lot of fun making this one.

purchasable on itch.io, but also readable on my site here.


2016 ~ 2017

a high school art club solo project – an original fiction comic! i made two out of five planned issues before losing steam. i plan to revisit this story at some point though!

readable on my site here.

everbloom island host club

2020 ~ present

i devoted a lot of time to the lore and cast of my animal crossing island. the theme of my island is "pretty boy club" but there's so much more to my villagers than that! website is still a work in progress.

check out my everbloom shrine!

like back then

2020 ~ 2022

i drew a LOT of yuri & bernadetta from fire emblem three houses over the course of two years... honestly was surprised because i'd never gotten into a pairing that hard. my purples! they are so dear to me.

purchasable on itch.io.

fe3h zine contributions

2020 ~ 2023

i joined a number of fe3h zines as a page and/or merch artist. zines are so stressful, but i love seeing the final output in the end! i've discovered i like making merch.

list/gallery to be added.

reality bytes: how digital natives find and craft authenticity on the www


a presentation i made for my stuffy corporate job, introducing people to the ways Young People connect with each other online outside of usual ultra-corpo social media.

if you wanna be my lover: quarantine blorbo ranking


made for a powerpoint party with my friends. i ranked my quarantine blorbos based on irl dateability, as an insane person does

viewable on google drive.

your college app timeline


gave a talk at a student conference about applying to schools outside the country. i was extremely organized as a high schooler and planned out my entire application process, so i was happy to outline it for a new generation of panicked + hopeful high schoolers!

airtable fic catalog

2019 ~ present

i've been recording my favorite fics in a spreadsheet, because bookmarking on ao3 is not enough. it automatically updates my stats whenever i add stuff, and my tagging system is robust + me-catered. i love it.

notion daily dashboard

2020 ~ 2022

i spent a year or two fiddling with my notion until i got it to a setup that felt intuitive to me specifically. i love having everything the way i like it!

duplicable template here.