Clockhearts was a comic I made for an arts class in high school. It revolves around a young robotics prodigy named Peach, who has revived her Dead Boyfriend™ Oliver by placing his consciousness into a robot body. I did the first 20 pages for the class, and then the next 50-ish on my own time, and I printed + bound them and distributed them to friends and family.

I'm a little more jokey in my author's notes beneath the pages, making fun of my younger self, but I am very proud of her for what she did! I look back on the amount of work I put into this comic and how ambitious I was about it with so much love. I like how invested I was in my own characters, and I still adore this iteration of them! But after ~7 years, I don't think I have the same vision for it I did back then, so continuing it would be difficult. Not that anyone has asked me to do it, but I always feel the need to explain things I've left unfinished or "abandoned".

I like that it's kind of a time capsule that shows me what I knew and what kind of stories I was interested in telling when I was younger, so I'm preserving it in its state. I do want to revisit it though, and try and tackle the premise at some point with fresh eyes and my age + experience contributing. :)