what's in my bag?


assume that all these items are pink – most of them actually are, because i am a walking cartoon.

(i was just too lazy to take pictures of my stuff in good lighting, so i settled for deep-frying them in pink.)


i am still a wired earphones girl through and through... i love the feeling of excitedly untangling them when i want to listen to something


my phone case is meant to look like a cassette tape, and the griptok is a flower! it's a little bit dirty but eh. i still like it.


my poor guy who rarely rests. i'm very particular about the stickers i put on my laptop... they must feel like me or represent me well!

pen case

a tin case for my pencils and pens for quick notes or doodles. my favorite mascot is "oliver" from the galapagos friends. he is so cute and i try to get as much merch of him as i can!


i only recently got myself a mouse... it's been a game changer lol. it allowed me to change up my laptop desk setup! the scroll on this mouse is a little fucky though.


i try to bring a notebook with me wherever i go. this one is my little comics diary!

lip tint

i usually wear makeup when i go out, and the only thing there is to retouch really (or that i care about retouching) is the lip product.

water bottle

oliver strikes again! i have multiple water bottles, but this one is the lightest and smallest and thus the easiest to bring around. there's also a little extendable strap on the cap so you can hang it.

hand cream

i don't get dry hands very often, even in colder climates, but i just like the feeling of lotioning your hands :)


i got this for my birthday and it's made drawing on the go MUCH easier. i bought myself a paperlike screen protector too, and i love it!


i got these airpods as a gift for my birthday too. after buying a cute case for them, i've started using them a lot more often. they don't need to be charged as often as i assumed they would!


for reapplying lip tint on the go. this creature is from a line of mascots called kobito dukan, and they all have similar not-very-cute faces, which i find very funny.

power bank

i'm hypervigilant about my phone battery life so i usually don't leave the house without it fully charged, but if i'm out for long periods, i usually have this oliver powerbank on me.


it's funny to me that my sun stick and hand cream are both from nature republic. anyway, i like sun sticks because they're easy to apply on top of your makeup! this one has a nice matte finish.


of course! though i rarely carry cash these days...

my two keychains on here were given to me by my sister: one, a disgruntled-looking cat, and two, a raccos tag.