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various anime boys

october 2023.

cookie run kingdom characters

april 2023.

fe3h character ranking

april 2021. this would look a little different now lol, but the bottom part is mostly the same.

fe3h: the boys want to show you a bug and you don't want it

why did i make this? may 2021.

fe3h: post timeskip looks

september 2020, only a month after i started playing.

fe3h: can the boys touch their toes

january 2021.

gen 3 and 4 kpop groups

may 2021.

haikyuu!! characters

september 2020.

male celeb babygirls

march 2024.

smash or pass male pokemon charas

this was perhaps pre-teal mask? no idea why kieran isn't here.

shota ranking

october 2023.

tumblr sexymen

august 2021. i don't know if i agree with this anymore?

ultimate pokemon picker

technically not a tiermaker, but here anyway. march 2023.

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