which blorbos could i pull?

written january 16, 2024, and originally uploaded to the diary.

i saw this post the other day and as usual it got me THINKINGGG.

i personally find thinking about stuff like this fun/don't find it very distressing to face the idea of my F/O not being interested in me, especially because i don't know if. i would like them if they were real people in my life lmao. plus it's an exercise in trying to see yourself outside of how you see yourself (mostly impossible but still fun) so i wanted to dedicate some time to think about it.

but taking ALL factors into account makes me think you have to consider stuff like would you even cross paths, and i'm a person who doesn't really stray from her very simple small routine/world, which makes it hard. i would not pull 95% of blorbos if we were working off of that. which makes the exercise less fun

SO i changed the parameters up for a challenge. my blanket assumptions are that

  1. we cross paths somehow (assume that i go out and do more things than i actually do); and
  2. have at least one conversation. (i mean this in the most neutral, least self-deprecating way possible but i do not think i have the kind of outward charms to pull without a baseline interaction/personality glimpse lmfao)

here we go

piers pokemon: maybe? i’m nervous around people who aren’t immediately welcoming, but also have a good track record with reticent personalities. i'd probably see him as more “too cool” than “shy” and be extra nervous + make a bad impression though, so i am leaning towards no lol. that's why i have an oc

spamton deltarune: yes. whether i think of him as leaning scumbag or meow meow, i think he's sleazy/pathetic enough to like anyone with boobs who doesn't immediately refuse to talk to him

grimsley pokemon: no. i don't think that self-sabotaging man feels attraction to anyone who would be straight up nice to him

camilo encanto: no i would not pull LOL whether or not we were the same age or i was older. a boy as effortlessly charming as camilo likely has his pick of girls. also he’s very normal. i’ve only ever been acquaintances with camilo-types. again that’s why i have an oc

osomatsu osmt: yes i could pull osomatsu. i have boobs and i smile at people who speak to me. he would like that

ichimatsu osmt: yes i could pull ichimatsu. i know how to interact nicely with shy people/put them at ease without making them feel condescended to. he would like that

karamatsu osmt: yes i could pull karamatsu. i think that guy is just begging to have someone to fall in love with. also no one’s nice to him… he seems pullable if you are just. nice to him.

kieran pokemon: i don’t know! i have yet to play indigo disk so i can’t tell how his character has changed. i think any girl could pull shy baby kieran tbh, but idk about dicky kieran lmao

vox hazbin: gotta wait to watch the show and then decide. we don’t know a damn thing about this guy!!!

linhardt fe3h: i was gonna say no but honestly??? ya maybe. he seems to like conversation / intellect over anything else and girl me too (gemini venus). i’d like to think i’m a Fun Talker

yuri fe3h: no, i would not pull yuri leclerc. are you kidding. no way in hell. he would not even look my way as a potential friend

caspar fe3h: no i could not pull caspar i don’t think. i think we could be friends at best, but there would be no romantic chemi, fond as i am of him. ah actually i’m thinking about it again. i was gonna say i’m too neurotic/prissy/different for caspar, but he’s got paired endings with bernadetta/hilda/linhardt so. i’m gonna say maybe. but mostly no

sylvain fe3h: LOL… this might be arrogant of me to say but i THINK. i could pull sylvain.......... if i’m not careful this will turn into a long paragraph so i’ll just say i don’t approach anyone with more than platonic intent, which would make it easy for us to get close. we could at least be friends, but i think demisexual sylvain is actually not hard to pull once you’re there (it’s just gotta feel like his decision). it’s the bernadetta + ingrid kinnie in me

lorenz fe3h: no. we’re different kinds of uppity, and if he approaches me a la C-support to ask me about it in his judgy way i will fight him. which he will not like LOL. oh lorenz i can only like you from afar

ferdie fe3h: same as lorenz, although i think ferdie is a bit more agreeable in tone and more tolerant of sass (but similarly stubborn in arguing). still i do not think i could pull. we could be friends

rodrigue fe3h: unfortunately he is happily married and a father of one formerly two. but if he were wifeless, yeah i think i could manage it. he gives off “white guy who moves to asia and dates an opinionated younger woman,” and baby i am here

nishinoya hq!!: not to say that nishinoya doesn’t have standards but i think most any girl could pull him. he just seems easygoing and able to see attractiveness in anyone who he feels a little heat from :)

atsumu OR oikawa hq!!: NO absolutely not. nothing to elaborate on, i am just far under their radars

lev hq!!: possibly yeah. i know he’s a model but he seems like the kind who would be friendly with staff and genuinely like/get to know them. he’s like a mingyu or hoshi type to me (that’s the vibe they give me)

kunimi hq!!: no. i’m just not his type i can feel it in my bones

epel twst: no as well.

kazuha genshin: i cannot get a read on this guy. granted i’ve never played the game, but i just have no idea what he would be like if he liked anyone. i’d say he’s the kind of guy you pine over who is so, so sweet to you as your friend, but hoping for anything is a lost cause

donnie mume: yeah. donnie i can be your weeb ass’ asian gf any day. i’d gift him a drawing of himself and it would be over

raph mume: no i don’t think so. i’ve never made friends with a raph type and don’t think i can handle the kind of ribbing he does… i think i would just be some girl to him 👍 which is ok

leo rise: ……………… i stopped filling this out for two days because i realize i have a hard time picturing leo liking anyone. he’s fun bc people can take any aspect of his character and run with it and it will feel like him in some way, but i think very few fans get him completely right (or they get him internally but when they try to output any of what they understand, it gets lost, ykwim) and i think if i make a decision at this point i will be one of them. or he’s gay and i’m just in denial bc he’s my baby blue and i wanna abububu him. give me some time it’s been like not even two months

donnie rise: yes i could pull donnie. (AFTER ALL OF THAT?!^)

jk i honestly was shaky on this (he’s too smart/uppity about it and could find core aspects of my identity like the humanities and. idk. other things beneath him) but like three different people have said so. SO I GUESS! rationale is his canonical type (“cute but mean” + full figured)… and maybe he’ll be intrigued by the challenge of someone with different interests! girl idk

tremolo devil’s candy: no he’s so gay i think

yahgie devil’s candy: yes. i have boobs. he’ll do anything. see below

rouxls kaard deltarune: i think so. he’s kind of boyfail… he has the same energy as lorenz to me but a bit more humble somehow, or less stubborn. i would like his puzzles. they are so easy but i’d tell him he did a good job and that the puzzles were well made 👍 and that would get him

mettaton undertale: no. a friend said “mettaton has kind of a crush on alphys!” (who is fairly me-coded, i guess?) BUT ALPHYS IS HIS LONG TIME FRIEND

blitzø helluva boss: no… i am not edgy enough for a guy like blitzo. i also would not like him in real life

hunter owl house: i think he already is soooo in love with willow so i would not be able to pull. he needs someone as nice as willow!!!!

alberto luca: no i don’t think so, whether we were the same age or i was older. i think at best i could be An Adult Whose Attention He’d Enjoy like one of those adults you wanna impress.


confident, tentative, or conditional yes - 13
definitely not or probably not - 18
i don't know - 3

not bad as far as numbers go! i probably was a bit more generous about some of these than is realistic, and would probably have different answers for some of the yeses if i did this again in the future when i'm a bit less obsessed with said thing and can see it with pussy fresh eyes. but for now it's fine. maybe at some point i'll do a list that's the other way around too (would i like them?)

anyway this was fun :) if it does not cause you stress i recommend you do this too just for the thought exercise. ok bye!!!

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