babysplitters live watch archive

this is an archive of my livetweeting thread for babysplitters (a film danny pudi was in) from march 24, 2024.

it was okay! the main actors did well with a script i felt was kind of corny in some parts. it does explore some very real anxieties surrounding parenthood.

i would not watch it again unless i suddenly felt the need to watch danny's character's three (3) short intimate scenes and one (1) nightmare montage (delightful!). he looked very good in this one :)

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March 24, 2024, 22:12

babysplitters livetweet thread let’s go

March 24, 2024, 22:13

it immediately starts w danny pudi makeouts i can’t handle this movie

March 24, 2024, 22:17

girl. what am i going to do. this movie is two hours long. can i make it

March 24, 2024, 22:23

the fact that his nose is such a big dent over her cheek is cute lol. also when he has kiss scenes it always gets smushed cutely. i love a big nose so bad im sorry

March 24, 2024, 22:31

“you spend years trying to find the person you love most in this world, and then the two of you conspire to create a third person that you like better than each other?” oh shit that kind of makes sense.

March 24, 2024, 22:32

all the jabs at woke culture are so boringgggg it’s the same joke every time

March 24, 2024, 22:34

also i know some corporate environments r truly jokes (or at least hyperbolically so when portrayed in movies) but too much exaggeration is also boring

March 24, 2024, 22:38

i'm glad they keep putting him in suits in these lame movies i keep watching

March 24, 2024, 22:44


March 24, 2024, 22:55

they go to their friend's house and there are a bunch of kids who attack him with water guns and balloons. he's wearing a light colored shirt. honestly this is entirely just a thirst watch bc this movie is super not good so far

March 24, 2024, 23:00

what it is successful at so far is making me not want kids

March 24, 2024, 23:01

this script is SO BAD she literally goes "so have you guys seen the new season of our favorite show yet?" WHAT'S THE SHOW????

March 24, 2024, 23:03

the parent friends haven't seen the new season of Generic Favorite Show, but they HAVE been watching a netflix documentary on education - like charter schools and shit. super plausible. why is everyone bad at improv what are you sayingggg

March 24, 2024, 23:04

"the argument" was uncomfortable but at least the other actors were also pretty strong and felt like real annoying people who were supposed to be annoying. this one is so. bad.

March 24, 2024, 23:06

at least i have this screenshot

March 24, 2024, 23:07

close your big ol eyes 🤚

March 24, 2024, 23:14

also in the first scene i did not screencap it but you see his tiny little ass from the side. he has no ass. but i'm not an ass girl so i don't care

March 24, 2024, 23:17
  1. corporate danny character and his cute little nerd fits!
  2. it's soooo dumb how the young people are portrayed in this script i feel embarrassed for them bhdfhbdh
March 24, 2024, 23:21

these people don't even seem to LIKE each other god the things i watch for stupidly beautiful men (no one is forcing me)

March 24, 2024, 23:27

for some reason i really see the polish side in this shot of him. am i just deranged

March 24, 2024, 23:32

i have nothing to say i just like his face

March 24, 2024, 23:46


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