about me

hi you can call me mei, and i use she/her pronouns! i’m a permanently agitated little creature who loves to talk and draw and enjoy cute boys. i’ve been online for as long as i can remember and have, for better or worse, been shaped by my internet histories — it’s the one place i truly consider myself a native of.

i have a lot of love for many things: my family and friends, anything to do with language and culture, pokemon, preserving and archiving, taylor swift, education, the infinite wisdom of teenage girls, my dog and other animals, fan communities and cultures, expressive heartfelt art, and so on and so forth.

it’s tough to sum up who you are in a tiny about page or even a website, so i’m not going to try, but tldr i am just some girl. nice to meet you!


  • rainbow things: biace but it’s complicated
  • mbti: infj
  • enneagram: 4w5
  • star signs: cancer ☼, aries ☾, scorpio ↑
  • chinese zodiac: earth tiger
  • clifton strengths:
    • context
    • empathy
    • intellection
    • maximizer
    • learner
  • other: unwilling corporate gal, chronic worrier, youngest child, type A, night owl, netizen, a little bit of a hater

fun facts

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  • color: pale pink
  • flower: camellias
  • animal: capybaras
  • time of day: night time
  • popcorn flavor: white cheddar (specifically smartfood)
  • ice cream: cookies n cream
  • boba order: winter melon with grass jelly
  • alcohol: strong zero
  • mascots: kapibarasan, oliver (galapagos friends)
  • pokemon: shellder
  • ac villager: kidd


  • drawing
  • reading
  • fiddling with notion
  • learning languages
  • playing video games
  • worrying a lot.....
  • making lists
  • daydreaming
  • recently, learning html/css

charas i see myself in


  • train rides
  • dressing for cold weather
  • animated musical numbers
  • sincere, genuine interactions
  • what it is to be human


  • nfts, web3, ai art, all that jazz
  • purity culture
  • sweating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • being handed a flyer at the mall
  • phone calls